Our Goals
Developing talents through internships and apprenticeships for young adults (18+) to improve entrance on the international labour market. Boosting European integration / youth exchanges. The above primary objectives of the foundation are used to support European depopulated areas, through organizing internships and work experience places for middle and higher vocational students, university students and young graduates.
Sviluppare talenti attraverso stage e apprendistato per giovani adulti (18+) per migliorare l’accesso al mercato del lavoro internazionale. Incentivare l’integrazione europea / scambi giovanili. Questi obiettivi primari della fondazione vengono usati per supportare zone spopolate in Europa attraverso l’organizzazione di stage ed esperienze lavorative per studenti che frequentano corsi di formazione professionale media e superiore, studenti universitari e neolaureati.
Onze Doelstellingen
Ontwikkelen van talenten door middel van stages en leerwerktrajecten voor jong volwassenen (18+) om doorstroming op de internationale arbeidsmarkt te bevorderen. Bevorderen Europese integratie / uitwisseling van jongeren.
Bovenstaande primaire doelen van de stichting inzetten ter ondersteuning van Europese krimpgebieden. Door middel van stageprojecten voor zowel MBO / HBO /UN studenten en jong afgestudeerden werkervaringsplekken bieden.
Special features
GED aims to make the internship accessible for students. In depopulated areas the cost of living will be low for students (housing, etc.) Housing and supervision will be cheaper than in urban areas and elsewhere in Europe.Traveling to the area will be low cost, especially for Dutch students traveling from the North when compared to internship places out of Europe: airline tickets and accommodation are usually the highest costs for a student.

GED will try to keep these costs as low as possible so that more budget is left for the actual guidance of the students. The programme should be carried out in a small area to keep transportation costs low as well (no purchase of project cars etc.)
Internationalization and cultural diversity
Europe has a variety of countries and cultures. European unification and cooperation is still in progress and GED would like to provide an important contribution. An ‘ Open Europe’ is needy of entrepreneurs who can use the term "cultural diversity" and know how to overcome differences.

GED would like to teach young people / students to handle cultural differences and overcome these and forge alliances. Herein, GED would substantively contribute to European awareness of young people, foster European integration and international entrepreneurial skills of young students. GED will make students aware of European capabilities and encourage them to think European.

The students will also make the local population aware of the importance of looking across regional and national borders. Also to encourage them to make use of macro-regional or national opportunities to stimulate the local economy. The local / regional SMEs will benefit from insight in the cultural differences and the importance of building bridges, search for connection. For this project the students will be made aware of these differences and learn to discuss them and thereby encourage local people to build bridges. Language skills of students but also the local population will hereby be stimulated through projects.
SMEs and European cooperation
Internationally and culturally, bridges will be built and connections are made between SMEs from the host country and the country that provides students. It is conceivable that several internship projects enable structures where students connect SMEs at international level and also learn to carry their own cross-cultural awareness to the local community.

The idea is that if a local community benefits economically as well it will encourage them to improve in speaking and understanding languages (other than their mother tongue) and to develop cross-cultural awareness.
An integral whole
GED sees itself as an organization that organizes integrated projects at a local level. This complexity is not shunned but rather given as a challenge by villages, regions and countries in a European context.

The aim is to actually stimulate the strength of local culture and authenticity at SME level. GED is integral, that sees success in both cultural connection with economic and environmental interests in communication at European level.

GED sees a deeper awareness on cohesion of students involved and local government and community as a 'higher purpose'. Seeing the effects of connection is the goal GED pursues: both personally as well as professionally. To educate students to think in an European entrepreneurial way.

Furthermore GED would like to raise the awareness in the community of the power of international cooperation and integration, and that this cooperation should not be seen as a threat to local culture and authenticity, but as an opportunity to preserve this right.
  • Special features
  • Internationalization and cultural diversity
  • SMEs and European cooperation
  • An integral whole

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