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Who are you?

Ettore Cipriano, Architect in Frigento

Etrore never liked football (soccer) but in the village he likes it because in Frigento football is important and everybody watches football, he started liking it. He likes gardening and searching mushrooms and asparagus.

How does your day look like?
At 6 he gets up and starts his day with working on the computer programme AutoCAD before going to the municipal of Frigento and the mayor to start work. At the moment he is working on the planning of the cemetery of Frigento. Then at the end of the day he goes home to cook for his daughter Inge who is coming back from school. His son studies in Naples and does not come home during the week. His wife works in Naples and is not commuting every day. He normally works till 5 pm. However, when the work is demanding, he keeps working till late. In winter it will be dark at 5 pm, he continues to work at home, about 7.30 pm and then at 8.30 buys ingredients at the supermarket for dinner. At 9 pm he likes watching a film, goes to bed at 11 pm. His daughter is still up, she wants to go to bed later because she is doing homework. And oh, he phones his wife in Naples just before bedtime.

What do you think of the situation in Frigento / Southern Italy?
‘Frigento is a sleepy town. All is quiet. There are many widows in Frigento because they outlive the men by far’.

Describe family life in Frigento (Southern Italy)
‘On family gatherings and special occasions, we all meet. Weddings, funerals etc’.

What are you good at? What are you proud of or makes you proud?
Ettore loves his friends in Frigento, they are important in his life. If he would ever move to another place he would feel bad because he would miss his friends and the regional food. Jokingly: he would not miss his family (his wife was sitting next to him, laughing).

What would you like to change? What has to change?
Ettore says he wants more people in Frigento and less dogs (laughing).

When do you have to bite your teeth, when are things difficult?
‘The work in Frigento. There is no sustainable work for people’.

What does Frigento look like in 20 years time?
‘In many years we have many immigrants and only a few original people from Frigento living in the village. Probably not many farmers and agriculture will have gone. The town will be old (inhabited with old people) and my children will have left’.