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Carmine Ciullo, Sindaco Frigento. Mayor of Frigento, English teacher. Born in Frigento.


How does your day look like?

Having two jobs is very demanding. As a mayor you have to work even on Sundays and odd times during the week. Jokingly he says that the teaching job is for relaxing. But immediately he becomes serious again and says that it is difficult to administrate a village such as Frigento. Financially and economically, because it is a village with many challenges.

Is it possible to find work in your area?
He continues by saying that he wishes that there would be work so that young people would be able to stay in the village. That there would be a way that they are financially secure, to earn decent wages.

One of the most difficult topics he works on is to attract business to Frigento, creating business opportunities for young people. ‘Last week I met a Taiwanese woman who produces coffee from Columbia and she likes to open up a business in Frigento. This should happen more.’

Describe family life in Frigento (Southern Italy)
Families can live quite well in Frigento. It is a safe area. The criminality rate is very low. Frigento is far away from crime. Frigento is a peaceful village. Here you can live a peaceful life, in nature, healthy air etc.

What are you good at? What are you proud of or makes you proud?
He is proud that he works to invest in this area. Here [Campania] are the lowest taxes for businesses. For example, to rent a place in the historical centre of Frigento, you pay 100/150€ a month. The conditions are good; however, you need a market to sell your products. Most villages have commercial activity in the (historical) centre of town. In Frigento on the contrary there are 2 bars in the centre and very few shops. Most shops are on the outskirts of the community where local products are being sold.

What are your ambitions?
‘There is an industrial area that I try  promote to attract more industries. But I also wish to promote the ancient part of Frigento and agriturismo. Next week there will be around 50 visitors from Rimini and they will spend a couple of days in the area. They will stay the nights in Ariano Irpino because Frigento cannot host 50 people, but we will give them the best hospitality. Earlier when groups of visitors came they bought plenty of prodotti locali: cheese, oil, wine, bread, sweets etc. The quality is extremely good, and these guests were happy to buy them.  I would like to create this more by developing a micro economy’.